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Instant Hand Sanitizer 500ml

INSTANT hand sanitizer is an alcohol based hand rub that contain Chlorhexidine (Biocide) that kills up to 99.99% of the most common disease causing germs on contact.

Used for hands sanitizing whenever soap and water hand washing is not possible or to supplement routine hand washing.

It can also be used as a surface disinfectant by spraying onto the surface that need to be sanitized.  Allow to dry after spraying or wipe with clean towel.

Unlike most disinfectants, INSTANT is non-sticky after use, have a pleasant fragrance, effective against a board spectrum of micro organisms and safe to handle.

Specially recommended for hands sanitizing, general purpose disinfecting and eliminating of malodor on bed, pillow and sofa.

Colourless and non-staining to textiles or fabric.

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Active ingredients: Benzalkonium Chloride and Chlorhexidine.

The combination of these two disinfecting agents provide synergistic effects in the killing of germs and hence, can kill 99.99% of common germs that can cause illness.

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